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We make every effort to see all patients in a timely manner, however, patients with the most critical and life-threatening conditions must be given priority.  While this may mean that during busy times some patients, (whose conditions are not life-threatening), may need to wait a period of time, we want you to be assured that if your pet ever comes in with a life-threatening condition, you will be given the same priority. Please be understanding.

Visiting Your Pet

We understand that visits from family members often reduce patient stress, as well as assure you that your pet is receiving the very best care available.  Since we are constantly performing emergency procedures and cannot compromise the timely care of all of our patients, we ask the following:

1.   Please call ahead so we may arrange a convenient time for both our     staff and your pet.

2.   Visits will usually be limited to 15 minutes with no more than two family members.

3.   If we get extremely busy, we may ask you to leave – PLEASE  be patient.

4.   Remember, we will always attempt to let you and your family know if your pet is terminal, or if his/her condition is worsening.  When possible, we want pet owners to be with their pet when death is imminent.

Payment Policy

Financial responsibility for all pets is assumed by the owners.  We require payment at the time the services are rendered.

If your pet is to be hospitalized, our staff will review with you a written estimate of all expected charges.  A deposit is required for all pets that are hospitalized, with the balance due at discharge.

We accept cash, Master Card, Visa and Discover.

We also offer the Care Credit payment option to clients who require financial assistance.  Apply for Care Credit.


Referral/Discharge Information

Pets requiring additional veterinary care must be transported to your family veterinarian prior to the closing of AECHV.

Our staff will assist owners that do not have an established veterinarian-patient relationship.

Complete medical records will be provided to owners for their veterinarian’s use at the time of discharge.

Pets not requiring continued medical care will be discharged to their owner and a detailed fax sent to their veterinarian.